How to Sell Your Home in Houston TX Fast if It’s Water-Damaged, Flooded or Mold-Infested?

houston water damage and mold

Homes damaged by water or mold infestations require time and effort to sell. Fortunately, you can take advantage of an opportunity to sell your house fast and in its current condition.

Why it’s Hard to Sell a Property with Water Damage or Toxic Black Mold Problems

When you’ve dealt with black mold in the house you’re listing for sale or looking to profit from a property with significant water damage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an offer without paying for expensive repairs and renovations.

Working with real estate agents or trying to sell your property by yourself on the traditional market means you will need to take care of time-consuming repairs and inspections. Properties damaged by water require expensive restoration process. Similarly, a home with mold issues means you should pay for a mold inspection, remediation, and regrowth prevention measures. They may include plumbing, roof or basement repairs, and even purchase and installation of a dehumidifier or other HVAC updates. Otherwise, selling your property with a realtor or real estate agent is impossible.

Even after you’ve taken all of the necessary steps, you can still wait for months for your property to sell. Because buyers are concerned about your property’s issues reoccuring, potential buyers won’t be nearly as eager to make an offer.

The Most Convenient Option

Fortunately, homeowners can profit from selling their property with water damage and mold troubles without employing a realtor or real estate broker. Companies that buy houses for cash, also known as real estate investors, don’t require you to make any fixes, no matter how bad the condition of your home is. Additionally, this alternative to the traditional housing market gives you the certainty of a fast deal with minimum paperwork.

Sell My House Fast Houston TX has provided convenient and reliable services for decades for residents of Houston TX and its surrounding areas. Our home buying company, run by professional real estate investors, has the main objective to help people sell their property without having to worry about remodeling or repairs. It doesn’t matter if your house has water, mold or mildew smell in your basement, flooded rooms, or any other problems. We trade cash for damaged and even destroyed homes within just a few days!

What We Offer

The Quickest Transaction

If you want to sell your old property that needs expensive TLC without having to deal with the time it takes to complete all necessary repairs and renovations, we can provide you with a way to collect your property’s cash value in as little as 3 to 30 days. We can give you a cash offer the same day as you contact us over the phone, and our sale can officially close in about a week after we come to see your property. In 72 hours maximum after you sign our contract the cash is yours! We work quickly because we’re as eager to get you a great deal as you are to sell.

You Sell As Is

With Sell My House Fast Houston TX, you don’t have to spend any time, effort, or money making your home livable or attractive for buyers. As property investors, we see the potential of homes in need of repairs and renovations. We’ll cover the expenses on our end and won’t bother you with hidden fees or other ridiculous costs after our deal is closed. Regardless of your home’s condition, we will make a cash offer and buy As Is.

You Get Cash

No matter what situation has caused you to part ways with your property, we will work to get you cash in exchange for your home in the shortest possible time. Our transaction process is always as easy and simple as possible, and after the closing you get the full amount promised in the offer. No paychecks, no financing or other inconveniences. You just get cash.

No “Surprises”

Unlike other companies that buy houses, we save you from having to worry about hidden fees and other expenses. We operate in a way that saves you from paying realtor commissions, closing fees, or any repair costs whatsoever. Your cash offer stays entirely yours after a transparent real estate transaction.


In our years of helping homeowners sell their properties for fast cash, we’ve found a personal, individual approach to each client, offering them the best solution for their needs. We’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home whenever is convenient for you. Because we know you value speed, we’re likely to make an all-cash offer the same day we visit. When it comes to real estate transactions, we make the process streamlined and personal.

Additional Information

How to sell a house that has water damage after a flood or water leaks?

Water damage is one of the worst homeowner’s nightmares. Whether it comes from a flood or from plumbing leaks, you face two routes of selling your property. The first option is the long and hard way, which involves costly repairs and selling with a realtor. You’re likely to rent or buy high-powered fans, dehumidifiers, and take other measures, not to mention paying for the professional services needed. This route involves cost of real estate agent commissions, closing fees, and inspections that eat up time and your home’s equity.

The second option to sell your home is much more straightforward. If your house has been flooded, mold-infested or if you’re dealing with a wet, leaky basement, attic or rooms, real estate investor companies, such as Sell My House Fast Houston TX can buy your house in its current condition and without middlemen. This saves you from having to deal with the aforementioned difficulties of selling a damaged property.

What are the disclosure requirements when selling a home in Texas after it has been water damaged, flooded or if it has toxic mold?

You never want to be left on the hook for future liability relating to your property, and buyers want a full disclosure of your home’s current condition, previous issues, and necessary repairs. In Texas a property owner has a duty to disclose everything that can be discovered with a reasonable investigation. But the seller isn’t held accountable for hidden issues they may be not aware of. In other words, you are required to disclose any known or discoverable water damage caused by leaks, flood or other disasters, as well as its consequences, such as toxic black mold.

Homeowners sometimes try to hide water damage and mold issues, but leaving a leaky basement or other problem not disclosed can result in a sale being delayed or called off entirely. Moreover, you can face a lawsuit after the sale if you hide any damage intentionally.

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