Is It Possible to Sell My House With a Lien in Houston, Texas?

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Do you want to sell a house, condo, apartment or townhouse that has a lien against it? Government liens — such as a property tax lien or a Medicaid lien — as well as home loan liens can cause a lot of hassle. Many people are scared to sell a home with liens attached or taxes owed, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will help you find the best way to sell a home with a lien.

How You Can Sell a Home With a Lien Against It

Selling a property that has a lien on it is similar to selling a house without one, but there are a few additional steps you must take.

#1 Know the Market Value of Your Home

First, you need to know what the market value of your home is. You should do your own independent research and work with a local realtor who is knowledgeable about the real estate market in your area.

#2 Get an Offer From a Buyer and Accept It

The next step is to receive and accept an offer from a buyer. Consider all offers and, if possible, choose one that leaves you with the most profit after the liens, taxes and additional expenses have been paid.

This step is straightforward, but how long you’ll have to wait to find a buyer will depend on the price and condition of your home as well as the real estate market in your area. Unfortunately, if you have a lien, it most likely means that finances are tight, and you weren’t able to afford to maintain or repair your home. It’s even harder to find a buyer when the property has problems, so you may have to wait months.

#3 Prepare for Contract Signing, Deed Transfer, and Settlement of Taxes

Once you accept an offer and the buyer has been approved for a mortgage, you’ll sign the necessary paperwork and transfer the appropriate documents. On closing, you’ll send money to the real estate attorney that will be used to pay off any liens and cover any additional fees.

#4 Confirm With Lien Holders Receipt of Payment

Once the sale has gone through and you’ve sent the necessary money to the closing attorney, you’ll have to get confirmation from the lien holders. Get in touch with them to verify that they’ve received the payments and that the payment has been recorded in your county’s deed books.

Sell Your Property With the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in Houston, TX

If you want to sell a house that has a federal tax lien, a state tax lien, an IRS lien, or all of the above, then Sell My House Fast Houston TX is the company for you! You can skip all of the time-consuming steps required to sell a house with a lien on the market when you sell directly to our investors.

Our house buying company is the best in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ll get you cash for your property fast and without any unnecessary hassle.

We Purchase Your Home As Is

If you own a property with delinquent taxes, you probably don’t have the extra money needed for construction or to make costly repairs. Luckily, we’ll buy your house in any condition, and we’ll buy it As Is. Skip the stress that comes with arranging appraisals and don’t worry about due diligence periods.

We’ll make a quick walkthrough to assess any damage or problems. After that, we’ll make you a fair cash offer for your property as it is on the day. We’ll never request repairs and we don’t expect you to spend time and money on renovations.

We Make Sure to Close Fast

You know that we’re the best cash house buying company in Houston, TX, but did you know we’re also the fastest? We make quick real estate transactions so that homeowners who need extra money can get it ASAP. Our investors close on deals within an average of 3 to 30 days.

Why wait months or even years selling on the market? We’re ready to buy your home as soon as you’re ready to sell. Sell to our company and walk away with cash in your pocket in a flash.

We Pay You in Cash

The mortgage approval process causes homeowners so much unnecessary stress. You spend months looking for the right buyer, only to have the deal fall through at the last second when the buyer gets denied a mortgage. The situation is heartbreaking, but it’s also very common.

When you sell to us, there’s no mortgage approval necessary! We work with private investors and hard money lenders, so we always have the money ready to go when we make an offer. Our cash offer is always fair and it’s ready when you are!

We Eliminate Any Hassle During Transaction

Taking time out of your busy schedule to organize showings and open houses is inconvenient. The selling process can last for months, which means you may have to give up a lot of your time over a very long period.

On the other hand, we make selling your home hassle-free. We make an offer after seeing your property once, so you only have to schedule one showing. When you accept our offer and sell, we’ll also take care of all of the paperwork. All you have to do is sign the sale agreement and collect your money on closing.

We’re Transparent With Our Dealings – No Hidden Fees!

How many realtors surprise clients with last-minute or hidden fees? The answer is too many for comfort. You never have to worry about paying extra when you sell to our company. We’re proud to be a company made up of trustworthy and honest investors, and our contracts reflect that.

We’ll pay for closing costs and every other fee associated with the sale of your home. You’ll walk away on closing day with the full amount of our initial cash offer, and not a penny less.


How Does Having a Lien Affect the Sale of a House?

Liens account for a large percentage of delays when selling a house, and they’re one of the biggest hassles a seller will have to deal with. When you sell a home with back taxes owed or another type of lien attached to it, there are a few extra steps you have to take.

Not only will you have to make sure the sale price covers the lien, taxes and other claims, you’ll also be responsible for following up with the lien holders to make sure the payment has been recorded.

Selling a house with a tax lien, or another type of lien, attached doesn’t have to be a pain when you sell directly to us. We’ll buy your home no matter what condition it’s in, and we’ll buy it quickly for a fair price. Our investors offer a hassle-free selling process to make your life easier.

Will I Be Able to Sell My House if I Have a Judgment?

Selling a home with a judgement lien if child support is owed, or for any other reason, comes with its own set of challenges. In most cases, a judgement lien is attached to a property instead of an individual, which means it’s passed on when the property changes hands. Unfortunately, this makes finding a buyer extremely difficult.

Selling to our company for cash is an easy way to sell your home and settle the judgment lien. You can skip the hassle of trying to sell on the market, and get the cash you need ASAP.

Can I Sell a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

When you start up a small business, you might be eligible for a Small Business Administration Loan. However, an SBA Loan must be paid back like any other loan. If you fail to repay it, a SBA Loan Lien could be put on your property.

SBA Loan Liens are attached to the property, so finding a buyer while you have the lien is difficult. If you want to sell your home, but you’re worried about the lien, our company can help. We’ll purchase the home no matter what lien is attached, and we’ll make you a fair cash offer.

How to Sell a House With a Medicaid Lien Against It?

Medicaid liens are applied to houses when an individual accumulates debt from a nursing home or assisted living program. Unfortunately, the lien stays on the property after the individual passes away, and the heirs are required to pay back the debt when they sell the house.

If you’re ready to sell a home with a Medicaid lien on it, we offer a hassle-free option. Not only will we handle all of the paperwork, we’ll also negotiate the lien terms with Medicaid on your behalf. We’ll work hard to make selling the home and settling any debt as easy as possible.

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