How to Sell Your Old or Damaged Home As Is and Fast in Houston TX

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Selling your Houston house that needs a lot of repair work and updating on the traditional market is no easy accomplishment. Homes in poor condition deter buyers, but making extensive repairs yourself can put you in a serious financial situation. Plus, houses with past problems or considerable repair histories scare buyers off because they are afraid issues will recur. Instead of paying for expensive repairs and waiting months for an offer, you can quickly sell your house as is for cash with Sell My House Fast Houston TX. This long-standing home buying company of real estate investors provides the best services.

What We Offer

The Quickest Transaction

For years, our company that buys Houston houses in any condition has fine-tuned our process to give you the fastest transaction possible. With us, you can profit from your old house in just 3-30 days!

You Sell As Is

We would be happy to make an offer on a junk house in any condition it is currently in. When you sell your house with problems as is to us, you save yourself from struggling to find the funds needed to attract buyers to your home. We love buying old and ugly houses in need of updating. If you think you can’t sell your run down house because of its damages, think again.

You Get Cash

Our clients don’t wait for a buyer to relocate funds or be approved for a mortgage, which means you can sell your difficult house and collect your money without waiting a month or more for your profit. Unlike most buyers, our real estate investors have cash ready. You can receive your money within 72 hours after signing our contract.

No “Surprises”

You don’t have to pay a penny to sell your fixer upper. We roll any and all costs and expenses into the obligation-free offer you receive from us. When you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees burdening you, you can confidently enjoy our transaction and collect your cash.

Some of the Problems Houses We Buy Have

Fire Damage

A house or wildfire fire can destroy priceless personal belongings and wreak havoc on your property’s equity. Even if you make all of the expensive repairs yourself, you must disclose any fire damage, which makes closing a deal with a buyer more difficult. When you sell to us, you can get the peace of mind you need and put the fire behind you easily and quickly.

Structural Damage

Repairing foundation or structural issues can cost thousands of dollars or even stretch into the $10,000 range in certain circumstances. To make matters worse, home insurance generally won’t cover the repairs. A house that comes with needed foundation repairs is a hard sale, and structural problems seriously affect your home’s resale value. If you want to sell your home without relocating thousands of dollars in your budget before closing a deal, we have you covered.

Mold and Water Damage

Homes damaged by mold or water require repairs, inspections, remediation, and regrowth prevention measures that all add up to a large sum of money. If your home has been flooded or has extensive troubles with mold, we can give you a way to sell your property without having to find money needed to make your home livable or attractive to buyers.

Termite Damage

Termites are a serious threat to you as a seller and a major deterrent for buyers. When the damage caused by termites becomes visible, you likely have a full-blown infestation and severe damage to your home’s integrity and stability. Expensive home repairs can eat into your finances, and sellers are required by law to be up-front about termite problems to buyers. Instead of waiting for your property to sell after paying out of pocket for repairs, exterminator services, and inspections, you can sell to us and let us take care of everything.


Because we know asbestos fibers in the air cause serious lung problems and cancer when inhaled, buyers are extremely wary of making an offer on a home with asbestos in its building materials or a property with asbestos siding. While it negatively impacts your odds of closing a deal, you legally must disclose the presence of asbestos to potential buyers. To increase the likelihood of selling your home, you must pay for an inspection and removal. Even then, you may not receive an offer. However, we buy homes with asbestos for cash and save clients from having to worry about asbestos stopping them from collecting a profit.

Additional Information

Should you fix up your house before selling?

When selling traditionally, you have to make repairs to avoid waiting months or years for a buyer, as normally people want a property with no problems. Making your house attractive to those looking to make an offer requires money, time, and effort.

Your alternate option is to quickly sell as is to a real estate investor, who will handle making all repairs themselves and will later resell the property on the traditional market. If you don’t have the funds or time for repairs, this is your best and possibly only option to sell your property.

Can you be sued after selling a house?

While it is unlikely for you to be sued if you disclose all known issues in accordance with Texas law, you can be sued after selling a house if you knowingly hide any defects from the buyer during a sale. Buyers have a right to sue and hold the seller responsible for repairs after closing. If there is proof of deception, you can be in for a long and expensive legal battle.

How long after you sell a house are you liable?

After you sell a house, the buyer becomes responsible for all of the property’s problems except in instances of fraud. The statute of limitations in Texas is 4 years, which means if you sell a house without disclosing all of the home’s known issues, the buyer can bring legal action against you until the 4 year time period runs out. When all of the property’s faults are made apparent in a disclosure agreement, the home seller’s liability ends on closing day.

What has to be disclosed when selling a house in Houston, TX?

You are required by law to declare known property defects and repairs needed. This includes anything between disclosing if your house needs a new roof to if the foundation needs repair. You could set yourself up for a lawsuit if you fail to disclose the presence of asbestos, structural damage, termite infestations, mold troubles, or equivalent defects.

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